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For Pre-College and Younger Students

Discover Engineering -- A totally cool and fun site about engineering and science.  Games, info, etc.

Engineer Girl -- A collection of links for girls (and boys!) interested in engineering, math, and science.

Engineering Your Future -- Guide for high school students interested in engineering by ASEE

Young Engineer Clubs -- Resources for students and teachers


Books Online

Electromagnetic Field Theory, Thide (Uppsala University) -- pdf file

Electromagnetics with Applications 5th ed., Kraus and Fleisch (McGraw-Hill) -- html

Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad, Whites -- 2MB file download for use with

        "Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields 3/e" (McGraw-Hill)


Lecture Notes Online

Classical Fields, Oxford, Post Script (ps) online lecture material

Communication Transmission Principles, Kim (University of San Diego) Lecture notes -- pdf

EM & Microwave Theory, York (UC Santa Barbara), Homework problems, Supplemental material

Electricity and Magnetism, Sodha (University of the West Indies, Barbados)

Electrodynamics -- Cambridge, Post Script (ps) online lecture material

Electromagnetics from a physics perspective, Kagan (Cal State Chico) -- Microsoft (r) Word or pdf

Various Courses, including Electromagnetics, (University of Western Australia)

RF & Microwave Engineering, Kim (University of San Diego), Lecture notes -- pdf


Papers Online

"The Relationship Between Loss, Conductivity, and Dielectric Constant", Bishop


Professional Development

Educators Corner by Agilent -- Collection of animations, slide shows, and other engineering-related teaching aids.  Includes topics such as modulation, RF signals, and using instrumentation.

International Engineering Consortium (IEC) Tutorials and Forums -- Free online tutorials and seminars on a wide range of broadband and internet topics.

NetSeminar.com -- Free online seminars from BlueTooth to using instruments.

Tektronix online seminars -- Seminars primarily about using Tektronix equipment.


Other Educational Material

Amanogawa.com -- Java tutorials on electromagnetic principles

Cool Experiments with Magnets -- By Rick Hoadley

Electromagnetics -- Some basic electromagnetic principles (like vectors), in English with some Korean text

Electromagnetic Theory -- By Clyde Davenport, the normal equations recast in hypercomplex mathematics

John Hopkins EE Tutorials -- EE signals and systems tutorials at the undergraduate and master's levels

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology -- Electromagnetic theory and tutorials, applications of Maple, Mathematica, and spreadsheets

Tesla Coil Builder -- Plans, formulas, and resources for Tesla coils

Vision Engineer -- Introductory and general information on a variety of engineering topics


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