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It's not always easy to distinguish between "job sites" like Monster.com and "recruiters."  If a company has called itself an executive search firm or if it requires you to apply through them, then I have tried to classified it as a "recruiter."  I have tried to review the "job sites" as to the services they offer.  These change often, so the list might be a little out of date.  Most sites are US-oriented unless otherwise noted.


My favorites are marked in red (*)


Job Sites

411Jobs (Links to recruiters and job sites)

4Jobs (Job listings, post resume)

Active Wireless (Job listings, post resume)

America's Job Bank (Job listings)

AnalogJobs.com (Part of Splits.org)

Best Jobs (Job listings, post resume)

Brassring.com (Job listings, post resume)

Career Analog (Job listings)

CareerBuilder.com (Links to Headhunter.net)

Careermag.com (Job listings, post resume)

Career Mosaic (Links to Headhunter.net)

Careers Cafe (Job listings, post resume, career services)

Career Shop (Job listings, post resume)

Career Web (Job listings, post resume)

Colorado Jobs (Job listings, post resume)

Cyber Coders (Job listings, post resume)

Developer.net (Links to Earthweb.com)

Developers.net (Job listings, post resume, requires logon)

Dice (Job listings, post resume)

Earthweb.com (Job listings, post resume)

Ejobstores.com (Job listings, post resume)

Electrical Engineer Jobs (Part of Ejobstores.com)

Emerald Coast Jobs (Job listings, post resume, Northwest Florida)

Emigrant Online (Job listings, Ireland)

Engineer Employment (Job listings, post resume, linked to Ejobstores.com)

Engineer.net (Job listings)

engineergiant.com (Job listings, post resume)

Engineering-CAD (Job listings, post resume, Gulf coast and South Atlantic coast)

Engineering Central.com (Job listings, post resume, US)

Engineering Central.ca (Job listings, post resume, Canada)

engineeringjobs.com (Post resume)

Engineers International (Job listings, post resume, career services)

Environmental Career (Job listings, post resume)

Euro Engineer (Job listings, UK)

Excite Careers (Job listings)

Federal Jobs (US federal job listings)

Food Jobs America (Job listings, yes, they hire electrical engineers!)

geowebservices.com (Job listings, post resume)

GoJobSite.com (Job listings, Europe, linked to Euro Engineer)

GoJobSite.co.uk (duplicate of above)

*headhunter.net (Job listings, post resume)

Help-Wanted.net (Job listings, post resume)

Hispanic Engineer Jobs (Job listings, post resume)

*Hotjobs.com (Job listings, post resume, advice, salary calculator -- free)

ieee.org (Job listings, fee-based salary calculator)

Internet Job Newsgroups (Links to newsgroups, Australia, Mexico, Canada, US)

JimFinder.com (Job listings, post resume, primarily UK, but some US, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries)

JobSearchWorld.com (US and International, part of KBS Consultants)

Job Square (Job listings, post resume, US and Chinese jobs)

Jobs-the-Engineer (US and International)

JobSure.com (Job listings, World-wide)

Jobvertise (Job listings, post resume)

JobVillage.com (Job listings, post resume -- free; resume distribution -- fee based)

Job Web (Job listings, advice)

Job Zone  (Links to Headhunter.net)

JustEngineers.net (Job listings, post resume, advice, Europe)

Lycos Careers (Job listings linked to CareerBuilder and NetTemps, advice)

*monster.com (Job listings, post resume, World-wide)

NationJob.com (Job listings, post resume)

PhysicsWeb (Job listings, post resume, primarily UK and US faculty positions)

PlanetEE (Job listings linked to BrassRing, post resume, advice)

PR News Asia (Job listings, Asia)

radiofreeq.com (Job listings, post resume)

RF Globalnet (Job listings linked to other resources already included here, post resume, advice)

SalesEngineer.com (Job listings linked to Engineering Central, post resume)

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) (Job listings linked to BrassRing, post resume)

*Splits.org (Job listings)

SystemsEngineer.com (Job listings linked to Engineering Central, post resume)

TelecomEngineer.com (Job listings linked to Engineering Central, post resume)

*Top Echelon (Job listings from 2000+ recruiters, post resume)

ThinkJobs.com (Job listings, post resume, advice)

WetFeet.com (Job listings linked to TrueCareers, advice, salary calculator -- free)

Yahoo! Recruiter (Linked to HotJobs)

Worktree.com (Fee based)


Contract Employment

In addition to the sites below, many of the "Job Sites" and "Recruiters" listings also have temporary and contract positions.


About.com (Information about contract employment)

Contract365 (New Zealand)

Contract Employment Weekly

Contract Job Hunter


Contract Specialties Group Jobs


Kelly Scientific Resources



Staffing World

Tech Aid

The Jobs Directory


Recruiter Sites

Atlantis Partners (Part of the TechieGold network)

Brilliant People

Career Marketing Associates

Chase-Gardner Executive Search

Chipton Ross

Crow River Technical Staffing

Electronic Search

Executive Recruiting Service

Executive Recruiting Service Engineer Jobs

Interface TEK

KBS Consultants (US and international -- based in Chennai, India)


Micro Communications Executive

National Technical Employment Services (NTES)

PCS Jobs (part of the Caradyne Group)

Sonoma Solutions


The J-Riley Group

Thompson Associates

Universal Personnel



Job Services

In addition to the sites below, many of the "Job Sites" and "Recruiters" listings also offer advice and services.


ACD Jobs (Resume distribution -- fee based; Guides to job sites -- free)

Career Club (Advice, coaching -- fee based)

engineeringjobs.com (Resume distribution -- fee based)

Goinglobal (Resources for international job seekers)

Hotjobs.com (Job listings, post resume, advice, salary calculator [linked to Salary.com] -- free)

ieee.org (Job listings, post resume, fee-based salary calculator)

Job Placement Career Program (Advice, coaching -- fee based)

Recruiter Registry.com (Resume distribution -- fee based)

Salary.com (Salary calculator -- fee based; Advice and other info -- free)

Supersonic Resume.com (Resume distribution -- fee based)

WetFeet.com (Job listings linked to TrueCareers, advice, salary calculator -- free)

Worktree.com (Salary calculator; resume writing linked to resumewriters.com -- fee based)

wsacorp.com (Advice, resume distribution -- fee based; Resume critique -- free)


Note:  If you would like your job resource or a job resource that you know about to appear here, please email me.


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